About Us

me 2Bec Perkins

Visionary/Director and Owner of Smarty Arty

Bec has a background in Family Day Care, diploma i business and TAE. Bec has a passion for helping young children reach their full potential through providing them with experiences that are fun, engaging, open ended and provide a fun learning experience.

Smarty Arty was founded in 2010. After being in family day care Bec saw the time and costs associated with providing engaging and learning rich activities for her children in care. She was constantly coming up with exciting way to encourage learning and development within her small Family Day Care environment. As this was time consuming Bec looked for a product or activities she could buy to balance out her time but found that there was nothing available that suited her needs, so she decided that many other educators would also be in the same position and she started Smarty Arty.

She started by making her own brand of fun and educational art and activity packs, outlining the learning and development potential for each activity. She then extended the learning support to   include a range of extension ideas and supporting documentation to be used in early childhood education settings such as FDC, LDC, OHSC and more. This documentation outlines learning and development as well as links to the national Early Years Learning Framework. Bec has now designed over 127 different art packs as well as a full range of books, planning and learning development ideas for a range of childcare settings.

She now heads up a small team to provide this service Australia wide, from parents to educators anyone who wants to engage children in a positive fun learning and arty experience.




s%202Sharnie Evans 

Inventory and stock control, order processing/ dispatch and customer relations.

Sharnie is a mother to one (with another on the way) and manages the day to day workings of Smarty Arty’s orders.

She loves having fun with children and enjoys helping create and pack an ever changing range of products for children to engage with.

Sharnie will manage your orders, from receiving to dispatch.




Shelly Barbour

 Creative support- illustrator -  Art workshop consultant.>

Shelley has a long background of working with children in her past job as School holiday co-ordinator for a council run program. Her passion is drawing and art. She has a diploma in Graphic Design and works closely with Bec when she is in creation mode. Bec has an idea and works with Shelley and her illustration skills to make and create new art and activity packs. Shelley also creates original black line masters for Smarty Arty. Shelley is also involved in Smarty Arty’s art workshop programme. Smarty Arty take their art on the road and have created a range of affordable art workshops for both children and educators. More information on the workshops they provide can be found here.



chris.JPGChristine Yates

Programming and planning support.

Christine has a background in FDC and is a trained Early Years teacher. She has worked as a teacher for over 12 years and along with still teaching part time she also works part time for Smarty Arty in the area of early education and programming support.

Each month Bec and Christine work together based around a central idea to create a range of meaningful, useful planning ideas to use in an early childhood setting. This bank of ideas forms the Smarty Arty membership program, in which early educators can access a range of relevant planning options and ideas to use within their early childhood setting to give the children in their care educationally relevant and most of all fun and engaging activities for children to increase their knowledge and learning. All themes and activities are child focused, easy to do and best of all linked to the EYLF and where relevant the NQS. More about the membership program for early childhood educators can be found here.