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Art and craft is a fun part of growing up. Getting messy and playing in the mud, sensory activities all help children cope with different aspects of their life. We as adults are no different. Sitting down with our children not only gives them time out of our busy lives but we also benefit by spending time away from technology phones and computers allowing us to clear our head from the busy day refreshes our soul by allowing us time to recoupe before we have to do dinner or washing builds relationships with our children, these are the memories that they will remember when th..
The EYLF is a vision for children's learning that is now rolled out across Australia, guiding best practice for early childhood educators.  It requires educators to convey sophisticated concepts, like identity and connectedness, using age appropriate tools.    One of the best ways to explore these learning aims with young children is through creative play, including arts and crafts experiences. But with tight budgets and timeframes to manage, educators can find it difficult to source a wide enough range of creative classroom projects to fulfil the requirements of the EYLF...
The Planning Cycle

Reflecting on your work and meeting the NQS

The argument of process vs product and bullying in early childcare education.
Everyone is different, that is a given, but what I see in the early childhood sector sometimes concerns me. There is such a force for all the children to be individual and make their own way, their own works of art that those people are missing the fundamentals of life. Mirror and repeat. Have you ever set up a completely open ended activity, and had all the children still create the same? Because one child started painting a tree, they all did. The answer is yes (even if you don’t want to admit it because you want to seem somehow better and more evolved that others in your field) The..
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